We are a team of highly skilled professionals

Comprehensive reporting

Have you ever had a problem which you had paid to have fixed only to find out that the problem came back the next time it rained?
We excel in the investigation of building issues, being able to find the root cause and provide a comprehensive solution for our client to tender to market.
We provide a clear and concise report stating in layman’s terms what the issues are, a step by step guide on how we came to that conclusion and a scope which can be tendered to other contractors or have MCO to quote on the remediation of your issues.

Strata remedial

Remedial strata projects are the backbone of MCO. Founded on a drive to truly meet the needs enhancing the lifespan of structures. Jorge Carvo, director of Building and Projects, directs and works alongside carefully selected subcontractors to ensure a perfect result within minimal time.

Able to manage a project from start to completion, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail taken in every step of the process.

Facade rectification

A sleek and fresh facade increases the value of a property, and MCO are able to address multiple projects across facade rectification, restoration and refurbishment.

We provide customised solutions with the client’s budget and goals in mind. Whether a simple aesthetic upgrade or full remedial projects which address structural issues and building standards – MCO can complete the project.

Leak testing and consulting

Waterproofing is an essential part of any building project – and if defective can lead to large costs. MCO are able to test the effectiveness of waterproofing and consult towards an appropriate solution to rectify all arising water issues.

Carpentry & Fitting

MCO are able to provide carpentry solutions for any size project. This includes the build and fit of multiple products spanning residential to commercial use.

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